Thursday, December 2, 2010

You Can Too - play trivia and help make Katie a fundraising legend!

Can Too Trivia is a smashing success, with over $1,000 raised. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we all learnt something, including the quiz master, yours truly.

I’ve uploaded the questions and answers here should you wish to check anything.

Congratulations to Emily Graham (winner of the West Wing Round) and These Crackpots and These Women who took out line honours, captained by Gilbert + Tobin trivia fiends.

Thanks to our sponsors: Wagamamas, Brooks and Bristol, Napoleon and 3 wise men for their kind prize donations.

Swim training was intense this week, we were aiming to best our 100m time trial over two sets followed by an easier set. 1500m on the trot. We were also trying to focus on our rotation to improve our stroke and increase our recovery.

The Beach session was kind of amazing. One of my fellow Can Tooers had raised over $50,000. He told the delightful story of how Can Too and in particular its founder, Annie Crawford, can making anything possible. He was one of the last to finish his first half marathon attempt and Annie arranged the media to be on hand to mark his finish (not to capture the winner of the marathon who was steadily gaining on him); nonetheless he crossed the line with a great fanfare, just behind the winner of the marathon. So far as the footage shows, in his first half marathon actually managed to come second in the marathon.

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