Saturday, December 11, 2010

A tropical diversion and a cold front.

Trinity Beach Stinger Net featuring the occasional croc

Trip to Cairns and the Gulf of Carpentaria where stinger season has commenced. Between them, the jellyfish and crocs this will be an ocean training free week.

Bring on Billie (Bilgola) on Sunday though. All registered and everything!

Post script: Smashed out a session in Toobrok Pool (without my old swim coach as my masochism still has its limits - 1km of single arm free style is enough to drive anyone batty!) and then another 2km in the stinger nets at Trinity Beach. Cannot stop thinking of those stories about crocs hopping onto the beach, and walking around in the stinger nets to wait for easy pray. The water is beautifully warm but incredibly opaque. Given how much I fear crocs I think I'll take cold and clear - at least that way you can see the sharks coming and you know crocs aren't a problem.

Bring on Billie!

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