Sunday, December 12, 2010

There and back again, an ocean swimmer's tale

Bilgola. 1.7km.
Where it all started. A year ago this was my first ever ocean swim and whilst I survived it, I can't say I enjoyed it.
Well what a difference a year makes. Despite the 16 degree water (brrrrrrrrrr) I felt like I was flying through the water, and it turns out I wasn't just confused with my recent flights from Century Mine (in a 7 seater) and Cairns.

I knocked 6:46 off last year's time, and more importantly knocked reduced my 100m interval time by 0.3 which is huge, for me at least.

Where last year I felt panic, this year I felt calm and confident, where last year I felt seasick the water was calm, where last year I was entangled in seaweed this year my freedom of movement was restricted only by the freezing of limbs.

Such a wonderful day. Anna smashed the course and then we joined her family for some shade time. Ocean swimming is not a great sport for those translucent persons such as myself who burn faster than fire lighters.

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