Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why I hate wearing a wetsuit

The way the water moves, the way I move through the water, the way the water sluices over my body, the way I bend to the water's will and the way it parts for me when I get the glide right:

These to me are sacred. Some people go to church on Sunday. I go swimming.

The wetsuit interferes with this.

They are also expensive, sometimes take chunks out of your neck and are a pain to get into and out of.

I own four wonderful wetsuits: my childhood spring suit, a surf wetsuit, a swimming speedo wetsuit (with ribbing that makes it look like the batsuit) and a onesie spring suit number (aka Bond Girl wannabe).

They're fabulous inventions and incredibly useful for board training, water safety, IRB training or training in cold water. They're also great when you aren't acclimatised.  I'd rather acclimatise.

 Water safety wetties (surf wetsuit)

 Going it without a wettie
 Wettie in Tassie. Vital. 

Onesie spring suit. Perfect for board paddling.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sure sign you're around the bend

At the end of my 4th session swimming around Aquatic Park, San Francisco I realised my fingers were splayed and I couldn't bring them back together.

"That happens" remarked my swimming companions.

I'd been in the water for an hour and didn't think too much of it.

Then, whilst reading Lone Swimmer's blog I discovered:


Turns out, it's a pretty good sign you're starting to push it in the cold water. It's also a pretty good sign you're well on your way to becoming a cold water swimmer.

My thought process ran:
I've had da claw. I'm like totes a fully serious cold water swimmer. Hells Yes!

Definitely dolally.