Monday, November 3, 2014


Today this little swog hit 4,000 page views. I think 1,000 are mine and another 1,000 are people looking for a photo of orange stars but nontheless, I'm pretty amazed that this chronicle of my swimming adventures has proven so popular.

No posts for a long time as IRB, illness, injury and more illness have kept me from swimming. Finally getting back into it, building up to squad sessions and having an absolute ball just splashing about. Not counting laps or kms. Not recording anything. Just experiencing the joyousness in being in the water with good friends.

I am, however, excited to annouce I got a spot in the 2015 Lake Argyle Swim challenge. A 20km monster swim in remote WA across the lake created to acommodate the diamond mine. So super excited. So general plan is swim 20km race on 2 May, hopefully finish my unfinished business with Bondi to Watson's  on 17 May, before heading back to California in July for more adventures with the bloody brilliant South End Rowing Club.

I might be the one swimming, but I'm not the one doing the hard work. That'll be my support crew and I'm so incredibly blessed with the utterly gorgeous people in my life who enable my adventures.
Thank you.

2015: Bring. It. On.

Post script: The 2015 Lake Argyle Swim Challenge and Bondi to Watson's fell foul of a concussion. Next time gadget.