Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Stralya Day

You could celebrate Australia day by getting boozy with it the night before. Or you could do it the right way by kicking of your day with some serious exercise - a 2.5km swim around Farm Cove with the likes of Geoff Huegill and Tony Abbott. I picked the latter.

Farm Cove was the site of my first ever panic attack in deep water - being unable to see the bottom rendered me unable to put my face in the water and I swam the whole 400m of the BRW triathlon without breathing in the water. It was that experience which partly inspired me to join Can Too.

I returned to the site of my original panic attack by way of a deep water start from the Man 'O War steps to Lady Macquarie's chair and then along the farm cove wall. Totally fine. Amazing what Can Too can do.

Got a little lost turning around the buoy, but so did Mr Oceanswims so it's okay. Finished last in my age category - not uncommon but in a respectable 50:17 beating Tony Abbott by about 5 minutes.
How 'straylan can you get?

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