Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Bondi-not-quite-so-roughwater

This blog has testified to a fair bit of ocean swimming madness (taking up the sport in the first place for example). But doing a 1km race and then turning around to do a 2km race has got to be up there.

The Bondi Roughwater last year was the first time I got seasick whilst swimming. Yes. It is indeed possible.
Susie Maroney used to suffer from it (see the extract below from her interview with Andrew Denton).

ANDREW DENTON: How do you get seasick swimming?

SUSIE MARONEY: Oh I don’t know but I was the worst at being seasick. It was terrible, and I think because the cage, because I wanted it right next to the boat because I like to see faces like while I’m swimming and everything, and I think having it on the side did make it really really choppy, and that’s when I just swallowed so much salt water and I couldn’t keep anything down, I was just so seasick.

... Luckily I just feel nauseous, retch occasionally and have been known to become totally disoriented.

However this year Bondi was delightfully calm. Took the 1km as a warm up, supporting a nervous friend who did incredibly well to swim as far as she did given she wanted to bail, justifiably, 100m from the end. No shame in getting rescued - only in pushing ahead beyond your ability and endangering yourself, the water safety crew and other swimmers.

Got a good start and an easy rhythm in the 2km. Have discovered that if I try and swim fast I tend to swim slower than if I just ease into a strong, consistent and easy stroke. Bizarre. But hey whatever works.

Raced home, thanks to generous lift givers, to finish preparing for the "Tea for Too - Can Too" afternoon tea with Anna and raised a further $400 for Cure Cancer Australia.

Good Day!

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