Monday, January 3, 2011

Newport Pool to Peak

From pool ...

to Peak ...

... well almost!

I am reliably informed by ocean swimming experts that even the most nervous of swimmers eventually overcome their panic.

Having finally enjoyed an ocean swim from go to whoa (the brilliant Bilgola) I was feeling far more confident. That confidence was sadly misplaced.

The 2km ocean swim starts at 10:30am on 2 January making for a fairly tame New Years. Glorious day and a solid 2km course.

Worst start in forever. I didn't have time for a serious warm up and couldn't get a rhythm when getting out past the break. Eventually I just had to swallow sea water to try and lubricate my panic dried mouth. Eventually got into a decent rhythm and enjoyed the back stretch (despite being 400m from shore which feels like a very long way!) Struggled in the final stretch when it really felt like I just wasn't getting anywhere.

A very slow swim overall but very good to get a 2km race under my belt.
Also, great to get a 3km swim in the pool before Can Too training starts back properly.

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