Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to Frustration Town. Population 1. You.

Back in the pool for the first time in months. I have never been more frustrated. I trained really hard all though winter and did a lot of coaching sessions in Cairns to try and correct my stroke and I am starting from a worse position than last year. Made it through the set, slowly, but it was awesome to be exercising again.

Beach session. Wake up call: you really were sick. Pneumonia is exhausting rather than sickening. I’ve felt worse from colds. So I had no idea how sick I had really been until I tried ocean swimming. Between the adrenalin, exertion, general panic and occasional mouthfuls of salty water my lungs were really up against it today.

We started in the middle of the beach, swam out about 150m and then across to icebergs. All up about 750m but I swear it felt longer than Palm to Whale or Little Bay to Malabar (both 3 times longer).

I muddled through but it was a very welcome indication of how sick I’d been and justification of my recent sloth impression.

Word up to the Bondi Lifesavers who volunteer their time to swim and paddle out with us. Without you we couldn’t too. They are such a reassuring presence. Props to Bec and Alex who were both on patrol. Very reassuring.

Onwards and upwards. Week 2 down. Ten to go.

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