Sunday, November 21, 2010

The target is in your sights

Rotate ze shoulders ...

Sighting and rotation drills in the pool this week.

It’s not enough just to swim during an ocean swim, you also have to sight your targets and line up. If you just follow the crowd you are liable to end up off course (life lesson there?) and if you don’t sight properly the s bend pattern you adopt may mean you end up swimming much more than the intended course. Equally you lengthen your stroke considerably if you rotate properly.

It proves much easier this time around … in the pool. Get into the open water and all of a sudden what worked in the pool results in salty mouthfuls.

Nonetheless I was able to sight (an admittedly orange clad) bloke on the beach who insisted on moving about to test our sighting abilities. This proved remarkably difficult for those amongst us who have poor long distance sight – do they even make prescription goggles?

Dawny’s Cockatoo Island Challenge is supposed to kick off my ocean swimming season. Collective veto in favour of brunch. Inauspicious start to the season.

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