Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cool, cool, cold!

The pool sessions are starting to ramp up in terms of distance and speed. We had to do an 800m time trial to try and set a benchmark that we’ll aim to beat in all subsequent training sessions. I actually had an awesome time of it, the bloke behind me overtook me on the 150m stretch, and so I swam in his wake for the rest of the set, and then motored past on the home stretch. Who said watching the Tour de France obsessively wouldn’t be useful in real life?

We were forewarned about the water temperature at Thursday’s session. The recent northerly tending winds have forced much colder offshore water onto the coast – reducing the water temperatures from a balmy 21 degrees to an icy 16 degrees. I seriously thought extremities were going to drop off. We did a swim out to Ben Buckler’s point and then focused on ins and outs. Most people were shivering after the first swim.

I have never been more thankful for my inbuilt insulation system (augmented by more than a few fundraising Caramellos). The cold water showers in the Bondi Pavilion have never felt warmer.

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