Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 2

Have survived week 1.

Excellent start, I feel.

In Brisbane for work. Buy new sneakers as investment in fitness regime. Bright as daylight by 5:30am. Start running / swimming before work. Swim in baths. Bath temperature. But very, very cute. Unclear why you need a heated pool in Brisbane.

Saturday at the beach. Focus is still on getting in and out of the water. Running over the waves with high knees. Porpoising aka diving over waves into very shallow water. Remember reason for introducing Civil Liability Act. Repression of inner law nerd not going as well as training. Sadly.

Again. Less death than expected. Lovely people, all very supporting and encouraging. Life guards around us at all times. Must not end up on Bondi rescue. Really dislike reality television as a concept, let alone as a guest star.

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