Saturday, November 7, 2009

We have to swim in that?!

Warm up at the Beach
Some of our faithful lifesavers
We have to do what now?
And into the surf we go ...
Okay. I lied. I'm really fine in the pool. The pool is clear, friendly and wave free. I will happily swim the requisite 2.7km in the pool. Just don't make me go in the ocean.

Arrived on bike. Begrudging kudos from the drivers.

Briefing session on Bondi Beach. Two permanent rips. Joy. Talk about overkill. Possibly literally in my case.

Briefing on waves. And the sand bar. Wait, didn't that massive damages case happen here? [Try to turn off inner law nerd whilst surrounded by beach babes. Epic fail.]

Warm up. Beach jog. Wait. I did not sign up to the Can Too run program. I know my limits. Also never wanted to feel like extra on Baywatch.

Time to get wet. No time to shriek about the cold before we are hearded out (like lambs to the slaughter?) through the break. Expected death does not ensue. Can't get breathing together. Swim like they do in Baywatch instead. Give up on hope of never looking like an extra. Very glad I did not buy the red speedos.

Focus on getting out through the waves and getting back in. Do this multiple times without dying. Am again made to run, out of the surf. Seriously. Did not join Marathon program. Very well aware I am not a runner. Breath slowly returns to normal. Then comes hill climb out of Bondi. Swim, what swim?

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