Saturday, October 30, 2010

To Can Too or Not to Can Too

Pro: More fun that you can poke a stick at

Con: More terrifying than being beaten with a stick

Pro: Supportive and helpful environment to get you to your goal swim

Con: You’re still all alone out there (to the extent that is possible whilst surrounded by 1000’s of swimmers and lifeguards)

Pro: Spending Saturday morning on Bondi Beach with friends

Con: Getting out of bed early on a Saturday (backing up after Friday night) to trek across town with the joys of weekend public transport

Pro: Getting fit and healthy

Con: Still taking antibiotics for mycoplasma pneumonia and totally unfit due to resultant medically imposed exercise hiatus

Pro: Facing my fears

Con: It's Scary!

Pro: Improving my time from last year

Con: Possibly being overtaken by Tony Abbott

Pro: Helping Cure Cancer Australia and supporting a great charity; not to mention the knowledge that you Can Too, having done it last year and the challenge of reaching the Fundraising Hall of Fame

It’s a win for Can Too …

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