Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fundraising Minimum Smashed!!

The $1250 minimum fundraising amount has been reached thanks to the extraordinary generosity of my family and friends:

With huge, huge, huge thanks to:

The Federal Court and all its employees, including two wonderful judges, Pam, Mum, Sarah, Lauren, Steph, Patrick, Diccon, Laura, Emily, Reena, Emma, Lisa, Peter, Vivian, Adam, Pia, Mitchel, Carolyn, Margreet, Yvonne, Jacinta, Jennifer, Anna V, Zsofi, Urshi, Marianna, Erin, Siobhan, Dad, Isa, Alex, Tam, Airlie, Justin, Matt, Ben, Alison and Rachel.

It's been absolutely amazing how many people have come forth from the tapestry of my life and supported this event, clearly cancer is something that affects us all, even if we live without ever receiving a diagnosis.

And I assure you, the warm fuzzy thoughts of people putting their hard earned cash behind you is incredibly helpful when struggling around a buoy in cold water and copping an elbow to the googles. It is you guys, as much as the training that has gotten me through, including those whose support hasn't been financial.

I am thoroughly indebted and incredibly grateful.

You all Can Too! And now I get my Can Too Cossies. Orange. Hot!!

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