Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 5

Finally got the requisite 4 swims per week in that we're supposed to be doing. Starting to feel very at home in the water. Wonder if it's possible to devolve into some kind of amphibious creature, that would be one way to solve my breathing issues.

Swam out to the boat ramp again at Bondi. Serious surf to navigate. Got past the break and then almost got smashed by a freak wave. Utterly exhausting swimming out. One very kind person noticed how terrible my breathing is when I first get started and am totally terrified so she swam next to me so I could just sight her instead of the boat ramp and get my breathing sorted. Not sure if I'll be able to start swimming properly from the get go next week. Ride home wasn't nearly as draining as normal. Must be getting used to that evil hill!

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